Claudia Cerella

Researcher, Cell Death Team Leader

Cancer Cell Biology Leukemia
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Sébastien Chateauvieux

Cancer Molecular Biology Oncology

Marc Diederich


Molecular Biology Bioinformatics Phytochemistry
Seoul, South Korea

Cristina Florean

Member of the Cancer Epigenetic team, Medical Biotechnology

Cancer Epigenetics Epigenetic
LBMCC, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Anthoula Gaigneaux


Cancer Biostatistics Bio-Informatics

Manon Lernoux

Cancer Epigenetic Biomedical Sciences
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Hélène Losson

Epigenetics Cell Biology Leukemia

Franck Morceau

Research Scientist, Project Leader

Molecular Biology Biochemistry Inflammation
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Barbora Orlikova


Molecular Biology Cell Signaling Cell Biology

Marion Orsini

Inflammation Anemie Tnfalpha
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Laurent Quennery

Cancer Leukemia

Flavia Radogna


Neuroscience Cancer Molecular Biology

Michael Schnekenburger

Team leader of “Cancer epigenetics” research group

Cancer Molecular Biology Epigenetics
Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Esma Yagdi

PhD student

Cancer Biotechnology Cell Biology