About the LBMCC

The LBMCC - the Laboratoire de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire du cancer, dedicated to the study of the cell and molecular biology of cancer - is a privately funded, non-profit research laboratory located in Luxembourg City. Our location in the heart of Europe lets us collaborate with European universities in France, Germany and Belgium. These, along with our transatlantic collaborations, allow us to integrate an active and productive scientific network.

Research projects in our lab are co-financed by the association "Recherches Scientifiques Luxembourg", by the foundation "Fondation de Recherche Cancer et Sang" and by Televie. We also receive financial support from "Een Haerz fir Kriibskrank Kanner" and the Ministry of Research.

The research facility covers 589 m2, spread over 15 rooms, at Kirchberg Hospital and is equipped with all the necessary equipment for 25 biochemists. Our staff is currently composed of about 20 people and will be continuously growing over the next few years. Meet our team here: LBMCC members.